As the concern for growing health is increasing day by day, challenging over-weight issues, obesity and reducing the risk of heart and other diseases, has also become easier, with increasing awareness and advancements in the fields of medical and science, over these many years. Currently, there are so many ways you can meet your body requirements and expectations quickly and effectively by following any of these given methods, or more if you want to.


  1. Work more than what you eat

First thing work your calories off, if you don't they will just keep on adding, and adding to your daily calorie intake and of course to your skin as well.

Rightly said, "To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume."

Doing a good amount of aerobic exercises regularly can increase the number of calories you burn and help you lose body fat, also increasing your metabolic rate at the same time.

Maintaining a diet and regular workout can do wonders for your body while an intensive workout alone without a diet plan can't. It's like you reap what you sow, making a healthy diet very first step.

Because once you start burning the daily calorie intake, then only your body will start burning fat, exercising more at that stage starts burning fat, otherwise, you're just burning for the sake of fulling it off later.

Another thing one must remember is when you lose weight; you want to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss. It is possible to lose body fat without losing much weight on the scale, especially for those who are already somewhere around the right weight but with heaps of fat and there.

  1. Intensive workout

As hard as it seems, intensive workout is one of the few best ways to fat reduction, but but but, the deal was to tell you easy ways out, so my friends, few things you can do to make intensive workouts easy, is let's just skip intensive, and gear up with your regular daily workout routine with resistance bands.

They are an effective way to gear up your exercises and adding levels of difficulty to them. They come in various types, ranging from low resistance to very high, comes in loops, straight bands, ropes and more.

They're equally effective to intensive training, no longer need to go to your gym, they're easy to use, light weight and portable, so you can easily manage at home without going elsewhere saving both time and money.

"These inexpensive exercise tools are a convenient option for people of any age or fitness level. But don't let their simplicity fool you. Resistance band exercises are surprisingly effective and offer many benefits over traditional free weights."

The exercises are easy to follow up and help to develop, strengthening the muscles, work all areas of your body, arms, legs, trunk and core, toning down your body, and obviously fat reduction.

Resistance bands also make great companions for traveling and don’t take up a lot of storage space either.

  1. Run Jog and run

The other easy way to burn calories is by going for a run. Running is considered one of the best workouts for weight loss, thanks to its accessibility, and ease anyone can opt for running, plus it's inexpensive, though initially, the effects might seem slow it is a highly effective workout, the more you run, the more calories you burn, strengthening you core and leg muscles, keeps you active at same time increasing mobility, flexibility, and metabolism.

While running helps for weight loss, studies have shown increasingly higher results in people who opted for an early morning run, so if you can manage that, it's highly recommended.

 “When it comes to weight loss, moving and burning calories are what matters,” says Daniel O’Connor, Ph.D., professor of health and human performance at the University of Houston. “If you like sprints, which have a higher rate of calories burned per minute, then have at it; but if you prefer walking or slower jogging, you’ll just need to spend more time to burn those calories.”

  1. Swimming

If you aren't afraid of the waters and know how to swim, and also have a swimming pool facility nearby, bang on, this one can turn out to be the best available workouts for you. I would say even if you don't know how to swim, after reading this you might want to.

Swimming burns calories faster than any other workout, giving you an entirely different experience at the same time.

Though swimming is environment restricted and limits you to waters, which you can't perform elsewhere, that is the reason why this is considered the best. Since water is denser than air, each and every move practiced in these dense waters is like resistance training in itself. While swimming involves a variety of strokes and warm-up exercises that tackle your entire body, not only resulting in fat reduction, boosting metabolism, it has therapeutic benefits as well.

"A study conducted by researchers of Indiana University compared recreational swimmers with non-swimmers and found that recreational swimmers of all ages had a slimmer waist, leaner muscles, and hips as compared to non-swimmers".

In all swimming is a complete work for both mind and body ensuring a tremendous amount of weight loss, and is also beneficial for the skin.

  1. Cycling:

If you know riding a bicycle, cycling can prove to be your best workout if you want to bring some fun and adventure to your boring gym workout. And even if you don't then it's not too late either.

Keep a check on time and take longer rides for as much long as you can possibly manage non-stop.

Cycling makes for a great cardio exercise, making you lose weight faster and easier. Cycling greatly tones the muscles in your thighs and waist.

Cycling is often recommended for weight loss because it is easier on your joints than running. It's considered a low-impact aerobic exercise, according to Mayo Clinic.

While strengthening the muscles of your legs, it improves balance, posture, and mobility. One can also choose to ride slopes or hills for higher resistance, and will level up your heart rate and will, in turn, help you to lose a larger number of calories. Also choosing to ride on an empty stomach help you burn fat at a 20% faster rate. So go take your bike for some ride.

So here it sums up 5 easy and effective methods to lose weight faster and better.

Have a healthy life.

Pooja Chandra